(2021 - Current) Most recently, I’ve been working on courses and tools to help bridge bioinformatics knowledge gaps (Savonen et al. 2022).

(2018 - 2021) At the Childhood Cancer Data Lab, I helped equip childhood cancer researchers to use data science to empower their research Shapiro et al. (2021).

(2015 - 2018) In grad school, I worked on DNA methylation data in Parkinson’s disease (Kochmanski, Savonen, and Bernstein 2019).

(2013 - 2015) I started out in neuroscience studying the transcriptomics of drug addiction Saad et al. (2019).

Full list of publications

Bannon, Michael J., Candace L. Savonen, Zachary J. Hartley, Magen M. Johnson, and Carl J. Schmidt. 2015. “Investigating the Potential Influence of Cause of Death and Cocaine Levels on the Differential Expression of Genes Associated with Cocaine Abuse.” Edited by Z. Carl Lin. PLOS ONE 10 (2): e0117580. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0117580.
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